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Welcome to Wraith SEO a Scottish based SEO business dedicated to developing software & tools to help you and your clients website to rank #1 in the search engines. We know from first hand experience you need the proper tools to get the job done!

In 2017 a lot of changes have happened with search engines in general, it is no longer as easy as it once was in the years gone by to rank your websites, there is online and offline changes and factors that keep getting tweaked to make it harder to rank even on the first page of Google never mind at the top 3 spots. This is where we try to help, our seo software and tools are designed to save you time and work on auto pilot to let you concentrate on other aspects of your search engine optimization activities.

Why not take advantage of our in-house expired domain crawler to find you expired domains from websites in the same niche as yours! once you subscribe you can check as many websites as your heart desires! no hidden fees once you hit a certain limit. We also give you access to the domains domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow, indexed in Google, age, backlinks found, unique referring domains & the anchor text linking back, need some other metric too? contact us and we will try to add it for you.

Of course these are still only tools, they have to be used properly by the user to see the benefits, our uniquely designed custom coded expired domain crawler, will crawl domains and pages you enter to try and find you expired domains complete with all the important metrics checked so you can use these as your main business site or for your private blog networks, or even if you are a domain flipper who buys and sells domains we try to make this job as painless as possible and most importantly done automatically to save you time doing manual checks, we also source the backlinks to these domains to show you at a glance if they are worth investing in or not. is this still not enough? we have LOTS more software and tools! everything to suit your needs.

Or are you interested in letting us take over all your SEO needs including website maintenance and security? why not drop us an email and speak with one of our specialists on exactly what your requirements are, we will get back to you with an action plan on how we can help rank your site to the coveted number 1 position in the search engine rankings, better ranking is more sales an dleads for your business, all our packages are extremely affordable we won't charge any unnecessary fees or hidden extras that we can promise.

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